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The next Bitcoin! Initiative Q is the 'sign-up quick' scheme spreading like wildfire on social media, but is it too good to be true?

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Have you heard of Initiative Q?,In turn, they state it could be worth $2trillion in the future to early users.,To join, you have to be referred by an existing member - that is why you are seeing invitations to the scheme littered across social media Sign-up is free, but you'd need an invite from an existing user to do so.,Will Initiative Q sell on my personal details?,Whether the initiative will succeed remains to be seen.

What burst the bitcoin bubble and could cryptocurrencies one day rise again? This is Money podcast

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A year ago bitcoin could do no wrong – now it has slumped to 79 per cent below its peak.,So what went wrong for the much vaunted cryptocurrency?,The mania of a year ago gave way to a bust after Christmas and apart from a few short-lived rallies bitcoin has been mainly on the slide since.,That's not to say it has no use - the cryptocurrency and underlying technology are fascinating - but just because something has some value does not mean it can't end up massively overvalued and in a bubble.,On this week's podcast, Simon Lambert, Georgie Frost and Myron Jobson look at what went wrong for bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies and what we can learn from the boom and bust.

Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Still On the Rise

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In fact, as cryptocurrency interest among everyday investors has surged over the past year, the number of cryptocurrency-focused hedge funds launched has also climbed.,(See also: Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Gained More Than 1,000% In 2017.),A Venture Capital Approach Many of the new cryptocurrency hedge funds have adopted an approach familiar to venture capital firms.,The entire hedge fund industry worldwide stands at roughly $3 trillion in assets under management.,Those who are investing in cryptocurrency just because it went up are basically gambling," Steinbrugge said.

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Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd.: The Volatile Rise of a Cryptocurrency Mining Stock

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Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (TSXV:HIVE) is one intriguing cryptocurrency mining stock to grace the TSX Venture exchange this year.,The stock's debut as a blockchain-related investment was, however, spectacular, and the subsequent 600% gains in 35 trading days were eye popping.,The firm is supported by Genesis Mining Ltd, one of the most successful blockchain technology leaders in the world with heavy investments in cryptocurrency-mining “rigs” in business-friendly Iceland (and other undisclosed sites) and a well-experienced team in cryptocurrency-mining ventures.,I understand I can unsubscribe from these updates at any time.,The business may not be that viable if general cryptocurrency prices stagnate or, at worst, fall.

The world is embracing digital currency, and the US is falling behind

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The opinions expressed in this commentary are her own.,For many people all over the world, paper cash and metal coins are already items of memory.,But some countries, like the United States, are already falling behind in this race to adopt digital currency.,As the technology developed and as support for e-commerce grew, many Chinese cities skipped right over credit card machines in favor of digital payments via WeChat and similar providers.,The infrastructure, systems and processes to handle digital payments were relatively easy to adapt, and both industry and the government readily embraced the new digital reality.

Understanding Cryptocurrency ETFs

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So why haven't cryptocurrency-based ETFs taken off so far?,Cryptocurrencies have been another of the hottest trends in the investment world in the past couple of years.,(See also: Are Bitcoin ETFs 'Nearly Certain'?),A cryptocurrency ETF works, in theory, like any other ETF.,Blockchain technology supports the cryptocurrency space and is closely linked with digital tokens.

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Bitcoin price tumbles to its lowest level this year: Those who bought at December's peak are sitting on a 66% loss - as professors say manipulation helped it boom

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The price of bitcoin has tumbled to its 2018 low today and means that those who jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon late last year will now be sitting on significant paper losses.,Bitcoin has fallen below $6,500, down to its lowest level since early November 2017, at which point a surge in interest saw its value dramatically increase.,At its peak, the cryptocurrency raced to beyond $19,300 a coin as excitement over it reached fever pitch.,Bitcoin price: It has tumbled from $19,300 a coin from its mid-December peak to below $6,500 today At 5pm this evening, bitcoin was trading at $6,368, according to website Coindesk.,Bitcoin has a market cap of 21million coins.

Online currency bitcoin suffers worst sell-off so far this year as investors pull more than £30bn out of digital money

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Online currency bitcoin has suffered its worst sell-off so far this year as investors pulled more than £30 billion out of digital money.,Bitcoin and other so-called cryptocurrencies crashed 16 per cent in 24 hours as a wave of selling swept across the globe.,Hit hard: Bitcoin and other so-called cryptocurrencies crashed 16 per cent in 24 hours Investors were spooked after Goldman Sachs pushed back plans for a cryptocurrency trading desk.,A major exchange also said it would request more personal information from clients.

'Crypto civil war' slams bitcoin, but it won't last, says BKCM's Brian Kelly

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Kelly says bitcoin tanked because of concern over a "hard fork" or "effectively a software upgrade" in bitcoin cash.,Traders got concerned that the bitcoin and bitcoin cash markets would run into a slow down or "chaos" after the software upgrade.,Bitcoin had been coasting in recent months on fairly low volatility until "things exploded" Wednesday and prices tanked more than 10 percent, BKCM founder and CEO Brian Kelly told CNBC.,Kelly, a cryptocurrency fund manager, said the sharp downturn had to do with bitcoin cash , which splintered off in August 2017 from regular bitcoin with the goal of being able to process more transactions.,Everybody got concerned," Kelly explained.