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Oil price plumbs the depths: Brent crude dives to below $60 a barrel on fears of a global slowdown | This is Money

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Oil prices last night crashed below $60 a barrel for the first time in more than a year amid growing fears of a global economic slowdown.,The value of a barrel of oil has fallen by about 20 per cent so far this month and has lost ground for seven straight weeks.,Brent crude hit its lowest levels since October 2017, dropping 6 per cent to $58.80 in frantic trading across the world, and is headed for its worst month since 2014 It peaked above $86 a barrel in early October, a four-year high.,At the same time, Opec said demand is likely to fall.,Like a big tax cut for America and the world.

What burst the bitcoin bubble and could it rise again? This is Money podcast | This is Money

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A year ago bitcoin could do no wrong now it has slumped to 79 per cent below its peak.,So what went wrong for the much vaunted cryptocurrency?,The mania of a year ago gave way to a bust after Christmas and apart from a few short-lived rallies bitcoin has been mainly on the slide since.,That's not to say it has no use - the cryptocurrency and underlying technology are fascinating - but just because something has some value does not mean it can't end up massively overvalued and in a bubble.,On this week's podcast, Simon Lambert, Georgie Frost and Myron Jobson look at what went wrong for bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies and what we can learn from the boom and bust.

Are We About To See Another Correction In Oil Prices?

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View photos (Click to enlarge) This is the longest run of losses in almost four months as Saudi Arabia and Russia said they are discussing raising output to ease consumer anxiety after prices jumped to levels last seen in 2014.,Saudi Arabia and Russia signaled they'll restore some of the output they cut as part of a deal between OPEC and its allies that took effect in January last year.,OPEC and his nation don't plan to stick to existing output cuts, he said.,And while Goldman Sachs' fundamental views are that oil prices will strengthen: Saudi Arabia and Russia signaled today that they would likely ease their production cuts in the second half of the year.,Oil prices have sold off on these comments.

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Investing In Oil And Gas UITs

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The substantial rise in energy prices in the mid-2000s attracted many investors seeking aggressive growth and profits in the oil and gas industry.,Limited partnerships, working interests and unit investment trusts (UITs) all provide pass-through treatment of both income and deductions derived from oil and gas investments at the wellhead.,This article will examine the nature and purpose of oil and gas UITs, their advantages and disadvantages, and help you decide if they should be fueling your portfolio.,SEE: Oil And Gas Industry Primer Nature and Composition By definition, oil and gas UITs are very similar to other UITs that invest in stocks or real estate.,Who Should Invest in Oil and Gas UITs?

Royal Dutch Shell enjoys third quarter profits boost amid rising oil prices | This is Money

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Anglo-Dutch oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has reported a surge in third quarter earnings amid rising oil prices.,On a reported basis, earnings rose 51 per cent to $5.57billion, which is the equivalent of just over £4.3billion.,Rising: Shell's underlying earnings, on a current cost of supplies basis, came in at of $5.6billion in the third quarter While the results are strong, they are lower than many analsyts anticipated.,Shell's A class shares are down 2.16 per cent to 2,446p.,The improvement in cash flow confirmed today add support for the payment.

Shell gets go-ahead for a £24bn project to sell Canadian gas around the world  | This is Money

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Deal: Canadian leader Justin Trudeau embraces Shell Gas boss Maarten Wetselaar Shell has given the go-ahead for a £23.9billion project to sell gas from Canada around the world.,The first liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the LNG Canada project is expected before 2025, ahead of a likely boom in demand for the fuel from buyers in China especially.,Shipping times to parts of Asia from Canada are about 40 per cent faster than from the US Gulf Coast, the oil supermajor said, giving the project a key advantage.,Anglo-Dutch Shell's partners on the project are Malaysia's Petroliam Nasional, Petro China, Korea Gas Corp and Japan's Mitsubishi.,Shell has a 40 per cent stake in the project.

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China's currency falls; Novartis deal; Oil prices slip

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London (CNN Business) 1.,China's currency: The yuan hit its lowest level against the US dollar since January 2017 in early trading in Asia, after the Trump administration decided not to label China a currency manipulator.,The decision by the United States comes in spite of the yuan's recent depreciation and the escalating trade war between the world's two biggest economies.,President Donald Trump promised to designate China currency manipulator during the 2016 campaign.,In the past six months, the yuan has dropped more than 9% against the dollar.

Diesel owners hit with 14th consecutive week of fuel price rises | This is Money

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Thirteen million motorists have been hit with a 14th consecutive week of fuel price rises, it has been confirmed on Tuesday.,The average cost of a litre of diesel in the UK has risen to £1.36, according to the latest Government figures.,Diesel price rise: The cost of diesel has risen every week since July 2, new government data shows Although sales of new diesel cars have fallen in recent months amid concern over emissions, there are still 13 million diesel cars registered for use on UK roads.,Both diesel and petrol prices have spiralled in recent weeks, reaching a four-year high.,Over the past six months the cost of filling up a typical 55-litre family car that runs on petrol or diesel has risen by around £6.

Oil prices gain on supply concerns in Iran, Libya, Canada

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By Ayenat Mersie NEW YORK (Reuters) - Oil prices gained on Monday, with U.S. crude ending a choppy session higher on expectations for a Canadian production outage lasting until September, while global benchmark Brent gained on looming sanctions on Iran and falling output in Libya.,U.S. light crude futures gained 5 cents to settle at $73.85 a barrel.,The United States says it wants to reduce oil exports from Iran, the world's fifth-biggest producer, to zero by November, which would oblige other big producers to pump more.,Concerns over falling production in Libya have also buoyed prices.,And we are going lower," Sanalla said.